Australian Garlic 3 Bulb Pack


Savor the rich, aromatic essence of Australia with our 100% Australian Garlic 3 Bulb Pack. Hand-selected for quality, these bulbs bring a burst of intense flavor to any dish. Perfect for culinary enthusiasts seeking authentic, Australian ingredients.


100% Australian Garlic

100% Australian

Our garlic is proudly 100% Australian, reflecting the quality and simplicity of locally-sourced produce. Grown with care, it offers a flavourful, aromatic taste that enhances your meals. Support Australian farmers and enjoy the pure flavor of our homeland with every bite.


Traceability is at the heart of our 100% Australian Garlic. Every bulb can be traced back to the very row where it was grown, ensuring transparency and quality. Enjoy garlic with a clear lineage, providing not just exceptional flavor but peace of mind.


Our commitment to sustainability means each bulb of our 100% Australian Garlic not only enriches your cooking but also supports eco-friendly farming practices. Enjoy the taste with a smaller environmental footprint.