Australian Garlic Producers is committed to growing garlic and producing garlic products for all Australians.

Considering the magnitude of our recent findings, naturally these are commercial in-confidence.

These findings support our long-standing belief that ‘not all garlic is created equal’ and we are thrilled to be able to share this with the community.

We are committed to our customers and appreciate their support.

Our organisation harvests 100% Australian grown garlic - with farms located across the Northern Territory, South Australia, New South Wales, and Victoria.

So, where does your garlic come from?

Not all garlic is created equal.
Much of the garlic used in supplements and some fresh garlic uses inferior sourced garlic. Many countries grow quality garlic but if you want the purest and freshest then you should insist on Australian garlic.
Farm grown and harvested right here in Australia.

100% Australian Grown Garlic

At Australian Garlic, we have been producing 100% Australian-grown garlic since 1998. Our Farms are located across Australia from Ali Curung in Northern Territory, Mt Gambier in South Australia, Bahram & Deniliquin regions in New South Wales, Mildura in north-western part of Victoria, Ballarat and Rochester regions in central Victoria.

Now, with such concerns centred on our health, wellbeing and lifestyle, the transparency of where our food is grown has become so much more important. When looking for any garlic products, we would ask one simple question; where does your garlic come from?

By purchasing Australian garlic, you are not only assured of the best quality, freshness and taste, but you are also supporting local farmers and the local economy.

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